Royce Gracie Vs Kung Fu Master

Let’s go back in time. Back to a time before Royce Gracie brought BJJ to the UFC.

In this rare video collation, you will see Royce Gracie fight a Kung Fu Master back in the Gracie Challenge days. You will also see Royler Gracie and other Gracie members fight Kenpo, Hapkido and Judo fighters. Those were the days before the explosion of the UFC and when other martial artists would challenge the Gracie clan at their home gym.

It is always interesting to watch these old and vintage videos. Enjoy…

We did like the fact that in the first video Royce Gracie just toyed with the Kung Fu master in their first bout but then really unleashed when the Kung Fu Master asked for a rematch.

By the way, we hope you also watched the rest of the video which showed plenty of other challenge matches. Whilst those days are over and most other martial artists know about BJJ, it’s always nice to know and have an understanding of the good old days and the history of the sport.

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