• Rodolfo Vieira Taps 5 Black Belts In 5 Minutes

    Rodolfo Vieira is one of the world’s elite black belts of the past few years. He is a four time World Champion and a six time World Cup champion. Rodolfo’s Jiu Jitsu style displays a very diverse set of skills, allied with a fast pace, great cardio and huge physical prowess, making him one of the most dominant Heavyweights in recent years by completely dominating most of his fights. And in this video, it’s no […]

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  • Nino Schembri The “King” Of BJJ

    Nino Schembri is one of the lesser known legends of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He came from the pioneering era and he was one of the first practitioners to be seen and recorded using the Lasso Guard and the Rubber Guard. Nino gained notoriety after winning the Brazilian National Championships in the absolute division in 1996, and then the World Championships in his weight class in 1997, and 1998. And his success can be attributed to his […]

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  • Marcelo Garcia And Ryan Hall Roll

    When it comes to watching smaller men roll, it doesn’t get much better than this. It’s Marcelo Garcia and Ryan Hall. Both are extremely high level grapplers that have extensive competitive grappling careers. Ryan Hall has won matches at the Mundials and the Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Championships as well as dozens of Grapplers Quest bouts. His instructional DVDs are damn good also. Marcelo on the other hand is simply a living legend and […]

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  • Slick Half Guard Choke

    When it comes to competition Jiu Jitsu and we think about the top teams, it’s hard not to have Atos on your short list. With practitioners like Andre Galvao, Keenan Cornelius, JT Torres, and for a time Jonatas Gurgel it’s hard not to see them as one of the powerhouses. We’ve posted plenty of instructionals from Andre, Keenan and JT and it’s about time you learned from the awesome Jonatas Gurgel. In this video, he […]

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  • Epic Grappling And Judo

    This is probably the most epic demonstration we’ve have seen all year, and probably will be the most epic demo video we’ll see for the rest of this year. In this video, Alijaz Sedej and Simon Mohorovic put on one of the most beautiful demonstrations of grappling and Judo that has ever been recorded. Check out the footage below and prepare to be amazed! Epic Grappling And Judo   That was so freaking cool. It […]

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  • Galvao Vs Jackson

    In recent years, Andre Galvao has been one of the top competitors in the world in any Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu division. Even though he also shares his time in MMA, his Jiu Jitsu is still super awesome and competitve with the world’s elite. DJ Jackson on the other hand is one of the few men who decided to stay with Team Lloyd Irvin after the controversies. And has always held his own as […]

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Recent Videos

  • Rickson Gracie Teaches Self Defense

    Rickson Gracie Teaches Self Defense

    Rickson Gracie is arguably the greatest to have ever stepped on the mats and when you mix this in with his knowledge and practice of a purist form of Gracie Jiu Jitsu (and MMA), he almost becomes the best instructor to teach self defense using Jiu Jitsu principles. And in this video he teaches exactly that. Self defense principles which is the fundamental basis of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. If you have yet to grasp the […]

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  • Rickson Gracie Teaches The Invisible Mount Escape

    Rickson Gracie Teaches The Invisible Mount Escape

    Rickson Gracie needs no introduction as he just may be the best to ever grace the mats. And if you know anything about Rickson’s Jiu Jitsu, he teaches what he terms “invisible” Jiu Jitsu. The details you don’t see that makes all the difference in the success of the technique. In this video, he teaches invisible Jiu Jitsu for a fundamental upa escape from the mount. Rickson is truly amazing and the little tweak in […]

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  • Eddie Bravo Teaches Rickson Gracie The Rubber Guard

    Eddie Bravo Teaches Rickson Gracie The Rubber Guard

    In this video, Eddie Bravo puts Rickson Gracie in his Rubber Guard and teaches Rickson a few things about it. Never in a million years would we have expected to see that and we never would have imagined Rickson’s reaction too. This is a must check out video and there is also lots of discussion as well. Check it out. Eddie Bravo Teaches Rickson Gracie The Rubber Guard   Whilst Eddie Bravo is not the […]

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  • How To Hit The Knee Osoto Gari

    How To Hit The Knee Osoto Gari

    In this video, 2 x US Judo Olympian & BJJ Black Belt Travis Stevens along with 2012 US Olympic Judo Coach & World Judo Champion Jimmy Pedro teach an awesome throw that is perfect for use on the mats, even for the inexperienced. The throw is the Knee Osoto Gari is it is definitely low risk. Make sure you pay attention to Travis and Jimmy as they are two of the best instructors going around […]

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  • Birds Fly Fish Swim & BJ Penn fights

    Birds Fly Fish Swim & BJ Penn fights

    BJ Penn is one of all time great fighters of the modern era. Not only did the Prodigy build the UFC lightweight division, he also held the championship belt in the welterweight division as well. On the mat, BJ has been a legend earning his black belt in record time and winning the Mundials. But what all fighters love most about BJ is his attitude to fighting and his willingness to scrap, any time, any […]

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  • The Dynamic Guard of Michael Langhi

    The Dynamic Guard of Michael Langhi

    BJJ Hacks are always putting out some great documentaries and this one is no different. In this video, you get to check out the dynamic guard of Michael Langhi. For those that don’t know, Michael is a World, PanAm, European and Brazilian champion, whose innovative and entertaining style of Jiu Jitsu inspires many in their quest to develop an attacking guard game. Some say his guard is almost impassable as well so watch and see […]

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  • Rolling With The Opposite Sex

    Rolling With The Opposite Sex

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is for everyone. No if or but’s. It was designed that way and should continue to evolve that way. This includes of course includes women and in our experience, women are usually more technical and always have a wealth of knowledge to share if they are able to consistently train and progress through the ranks. Well that’s the problem, women are not really sticking to Jiu Jitsu and progressing through the ranks. […]

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  • Lapel Choke From Butterfly Guard

    Lapel Choke From Butterfly Guard

    Julio “Foca” Fernandez is a 6th Degree Black Belt under the late Carlson Gracie so you know the techniques he teaches will be fundamentally sound and highly effective. But what we love about the video most apart from the awesome technique are the details he shows as well as the multiple angles to understand the exact positioning and grips. The technique is a Lapel Choke from the Butterfly Guard and this one is pretty slick […]

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  • Spider Guard Omoplata With Clark Gracie

    Spider Guard Omoplata With Clark Gracie

    Prior to the last few years, Clark Gracie was not really a big name in the Jiu Jitsu world. Fast forward through some awesome Omoplata submission victories and some pretty epic pictures to go along with them, the most handsome man is Jiu Jitsu has turned out to be quite the star. And it’s been his Omoplata variations and setups that have really stood out in his competition matches. In this video, Clark teaches his […]

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